Environment Hubs Aotearoa is a Charitable Incorporated Society which provides a national umbrella for the work of our members. Our work is sustained by the energy of our staff and members and by the generous gifts of money, time and expertise of our supporters and investors.

Our member Environment Centres are resourceful and already generate on average 44% of their own income through for example, membership and community enterprise. But to reach our potential and ensure our services are accessible to all Kiwis who need us, we rely on continuing partnerships and donations from people who care. The good news is on average for every dollar donated to an Environment Centre we match it with another $1.30 thanks to the volunteer time and in kind donations and income we attract.

We are actively seeking partnerships for funding and support of the work that EHA does and to help us grow the influence of Environment Centres throughout Aotearoa. If you are interested in talking to us further about becoming a partner we'd love to hear from you, please see our contact page for more details.

Equally our centres are always looking for contributions to their amazing work, please look on our members page for a centre near you!