Help us get Heritage Fruit Trees providing free fruit for communities that need it most


SCES - Southland has a gathered a huge resource of 19th Century heritage fruit trees; over 500 varieties. So far we have spread them widely around Southland over 7,000 trees, into 54 schools and childcare centres as well as community gardens and backyards. They will live for 80 to a 100 years providing local food for resilience and at the same time protecting the diversity of our edible heritage, brought over by first settlers. More information here

This is vital for a sustainable future to insure ourselves against the worldwide trend of international corporations owning edible diversity, selecting a very few to keep going and often hybridising and /or patenting them.

We have now developed a national project where for just $5 cost approximately per tree people can learn to graft their own trees and care for them. We will grow our existing links with Seed Saver Networks so that all environment centres in our collective become active in spreading these plants and seeds so widely around NZ that our diversity is owned & cared for by New Zealanders.