We would like to recognise the following organisations are key supporters of Environmental Hubs Aotearoa.


Environment Hubs Aotearoa enjoys a close relationship with The Community Energy Network (CEN) and The Zero Waste Network (ZWN). Annually the three networks run The Strengthening Communities Hui, ... CEN and CRN are national bodies that support and represent community enterprises with a healthy homes and zero waste focus respectively. Like EHA, their members are involved in a wide range of initiatives and range from Kaitaia to Bluff and several are members all our three networks. All of our members are doing incredible jobs in their communities, including achieving the highest diversion from landfill rates across the country improving the health and financial resilience of our most vulnerable families, strengthening communities and creating jobs.

Environment Hubs Aotearoa has been supported from the outset by, and worked closely with, The Ministry for the Environment. The Ministry was been the original funder of our Member Environment Centres and remains the primary funder for many of them currently. The partnership with EHA and MFE continues to grow and develop in a positive way.