The range of activities across the country:

  • Community service opportunities
  • Maori cultural
  • Timebank
  • Citizenship/democratic engagement
  • Assisting community funding applications
  • Sell local produced goods
  • Sell fair trade goods
  • Tool library
  • Youth programmes

Shining Examples:

Wilderkids - Sustainability Trust Wellington

 Wilderkids is a school holiday programme based in Wellington’s Town Belt which gets kids exploring the nature on our city’s fringes.

 Children aged five to 12 will have a fun-filled, outdoors day with the Sustainability Trust education team – learning hands-on about the birds, bees, trees, creepy crawlies and everything else that lives and breathes in our forests.


The IMPACT Youth Programme with Taranaki Environment Centre

Rongoa Maori and Flax academy courses Kaipatiki Project

Rongoa Maori is not just about Maori plant medicines; it is a prescription for the well-being of the land and its people. Restoring and strengthening our connections to the land using matauranga Maori (traditional knowledge) is the basis of rongoa Maori. Our well-being is determined by the balance or imbalance between what we eat, our relationship with and contribution to the world and others, what we think and how we find peace.

Flax weaving is fun and social. Being immersed in, practicing and mastering a variety of harvesting and weaving techniques and skills gives participants the know-how and confidence to go on to weave independently or with a social group. This builds connections in the community and a connection with our wonderful native harakeke.