Core Hub Services

 The range of activities across the country:

 All of our members provide a community environment hub where local people can connect and find out more about what they can do to improve their environment and their lives. Our core hub services include: 

  • Ecocentres – Environment hubs showcase what’s doable about sustainable; from vertical gardens, to recycled timber fittings and passive solar heating. Local people visit, experience and go away ready to take action.
  • Venue for events – a place to meet others
  • Library – information and resources
  • Retail –the tools for the job and greener products
  • Coordination of eco festivals – chance to have fun and learn what is available
  • Green goods and services promotion – find out about local businesses and services
  • Eco living courses and workshops
  • Communications – contact directories and regular posts and newsletters
  • Event listings
  • Speakers forum
  • Opportunities for advocacy/submissions to democratic processes
  • Facilitation and support for local groups and networks