The range of activities across the country:

  • Education in pre schools
  • Education in primary institutions
  • Education in college
  • Education in tertiary institutions

Shining stars:

Environment Centre Hawkes Bay Worm Farms in schools

The Environment Centre is committed to educating Hawke's Bay's young people about sustainability. We run education sessions for schools on worm farming which teaches kids about responsible food waste recycling and how we can work in partnership with insects for the benefit of creatures great and small. Kids learn about the uses of worm tea and castings.

Nelson solar schools

The Solar Schools Initiative, run by the Nelson Environment Centre and SolarCity

helps schools produce their own electricity from the sun. That means lower power bills and renewable energy topics in the class room and the hearts of the kids.

And we provide a full curriculum programme to help get solar and energy topics into the class room and the hearts of the kids.