Gardening & Food

The range of activities across the country:

  • Hosting and network building
  • Provide information and promote
  • Have own demo garden
  • Provide workshops/advice
  • Community gardens
  • Seed bank
  • Heritage orhards
  • Food forests
  • Permaculture
  • Sell food/food coop
  • Sell seeds, kits etc

Shining Examples:

South Coast Environment Centre’s Open Orchard

Southland’s ‘Open Orchard’ project is about getting a diverse range of old healthy Heritage Fruit trees back in to our Southland communities. We teach people how to care for them prune the trees and graft new ones so they can have the experience of picking fruit from their own trees. This old art is almost lost and we would like future generations to sample the diverse cultural heritage that our colonial forebears thought worthy of bringing to their new homeland 150 years ago. In today’s changing world its good for us to have a supply of locally grown food.