Last year 53,607 hours of volunteer time was generously given through environment hubs. The range of activities across the country:

  • Corporate volunteering
  • Volunteer opportunities

Shining Examples

Team building to improve New Zealand native bush at Kaipatiki Project



Corporate team building is about joining forces – lend us your team for a day and together with our environment hub staff we bring about lasting regeneration of our local native bush. The heart of Kaipatiki Project is represented by our volunteers, whose help we deeply appreciate. In return we provide a warm, friendly welcome, chocolate biscuits and a warm pot of coffee. For local businesses we offer days away from the normal work environment which can be a real tonic for the team, and a day at Kaipatiki Project certainly ticks all the boxes in terms of giving-back and community engagement. For Kaipatiki Project, it’s about joining forces and connecting people for a common purpose – lend us your staff for a day and together with our restoration staff we can make an enormous contribution to the lasting regeneration of our local reserves.