Our Environment Hubs work across a huge range of issues; everything from home performance, to water and energy use, gardening and food, community building, nature protection, active transport and much more. Our approach is to work with our sleeves rolled up, providing practical advice, training, equipment, information and ideas for our communities. We are committed to making sustainable living fun, accessible and beneficial.

Environment Hubs work across 11 programme areas. By clicking the links in the right column you can explore the range of activities that our members undertake within each programme and some specific shining examples from around the country.

As hubs we all provide a core service and then we each add our own unique set of programmes and activities tailored to the local area. We are highly resourceful; running successful enterprises to create income and matching donations with volunteer enthusiasm.

You can download a copy of our 2022 annual report below.


Our hubs impact in food rescue, composting and kai sovereignty