Kia ora

Environment Hubs Aotearoa is a Charitable Incorporated Society whose members are independent local community hubs that provide practical support for people to look after themselves, their neighbours and their environment. Each of our members has strong local connections and individual strengths. In 2015 we created a national organisation that allows us to share our vast experience with each other and better empower more New Zealanders to create a thriving and sustainable Aotearoa.

Charity Registration Number CC52020


Resilient, connected communities regenerating Te Taiao.


EHA supports community led solutions that empower regeneration and resilience: 

What we do

Across Aotearoa, Environment Centres run many di!erent programmes, answer thousands of public queries and host hundreds of events and workshops. They increase home performance, water and energy eficiency, gardening and food, community building, nature protection, active transport and much more. Our members are highly resourceful, running successful enterprises to create income and matching donations with volunteer enthusiasm. By working together nationally through Environment Hubs Aotearoa we bring better opportunities to more communities and scale up the positive e!ect for our environment. To support the local work of our member network we run a national coordination o!ice that connects, inspires and empowers the members

What we value

Independence and honesty. Collaboration and constructive behaviour. Creative solutions which link environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes. Resilience and respect for people - their time, spirit and resources.